Making Use of Callout Boxes in Solid Edge


Callout: A type of annotation that consists of a text box with / without a leader.

Property Text: This is text that is associative to properties in the current file, as well as to properties in models attached to the current file.

Couple these two together and you get a wonderfully useful Callout Box which can save you time and reduce your risk of errors while filling in important information that needs to be on your draft sheets.

Title Block

Creating Callout Boxes

  • Open up your .dft template that you would like to apply these call-out boxes to (make sure you use the template file which is located in the Solid Edge Templates folder to avoid having to redo all your hard work for each draft file you work on).
  • Click the Callout icon located on the Home Tab in the Annotation group.

Callout Icon

  • Click the Property Text icon

Property Text Icon

Propert Text Sources

  • Select the relevant property that you want to link to (“Title” in my example)


  • Then click the select button. You will now see that property added to the Property Text Bar at the bottom of the dialog box.

Property Text Box

  • Click “OK” and it will place this property code into the callout properties dialog box

Callout Properties Dialog Box

  • Click “OK” and place the Callout box where you require it on your Draft Template.


This will help automate part of the tedious annotation work required on any professional 2D drafts that you or your company will produce on a daily basis. Get familiar with this simple and yet powerful tool within Solid Edge drafting and take your 2D drafting to the next level.