Solid Edge

Component Modeling

Component Modeling

“Solid Edge helps Engineers Design more rapidly by Modeling Parts more efficiently than other CAD Systems”

“Quickly create Basic Shapes and easily add Common Mechanical Features like Holes, Rounds and Chamfers, as well as more Complex Geometry such as Draft Angles, Lofts and Helical Features”

Assembly Design

Assembly Design

“Solid Edge’s Large Assembly Technology allows you to work with Large Assemblies in Real Time”

“Lightweight and simplified part representations and powerful display and selection tools, make it easy and practical to work with assemblies comprising thousands of parts”

“Solid Edge customers are regularly creating massive assemblies, topping more than 100,000 parts”

2D Drafting

Production-Proven 2D Drafting

“Unmatched Capabilities for 2D Documentation Process, with excellent Drawing Layout, Detailing, Annotation and Dimensioning Controls”

“Innovative Tools for Shaded Views, Exploded Assemblies, Detail and Section Views, Hole Tables and Coordinate Dimensioning”

“Solid Edge streamlines Drawing Creation with the Industry’s most Productive Drafting System”

Sheet metal

Superior Sheet Metal

“Sheet Metal Design is a Core Capability of Solid Edge, with support for the entire Design-through-Fabrication Process”

“Designers can Develop Models Faster using Fewer Commands, make Changes in Real-Time, Edit Supplier Data, and take Designs to Production with Flat Patterns and Automatic Drawings”

“Solid Edge delivers the most Productive Sheet Metal CAD package available”


Rapid Blue – Surface Modeling

“Solid Edge’s revolutionary Rapid Blue Technology provides Shape Design Tools that have enormous Power and Flexibility, while remaining easy to implement and use”

“Complemented by a variety of new Process-Oriented Tools for Shape Design and Dynamic Editing, Rapid Blue shatters the barriers of Traditional “history based” Surface Modeling”