Solid Edge 2D Electrical Schematic Drawings

We are so caught up in our 3D world with 3D CAD, 3D Navigation Devices, 3D Rendering and the ever evolving 3D Printing industry that we tend to forget about, or just neglect, the 2D aspect of our jobs.

The fact is that there is always going to be a 2D requirement of some kind, especially in the CAD World in which most of us live and breath day-in and day-out.

Take this for example.

How often have you been faced with the dilemma of having to quickly show your customer a 2D schematic of the electrics going into your finished product?

Schematic Diagram


Does the mere thought of this predicament make you want to get up, leave the office and start running as fast as you can in any direction possible?

With Solid Edge this does not have to be the case.

Solid Edge’s block and connector diagramming tools are there to assist you in developing electrical, P&ID and other diagrams. Solid Edge provides a library of industry-standard 2D blocks as well as access to all your AutoCAD blocks through on-the-fly conversion. Intelligent connectors quickly snap to keypoints on the blocks and create associative links that are easily updated.

With convenient access to block libraries and functionality via the Library window, a block can be selected and placed in the active document with different representations, or views, without the overhead of duplicated graphics and data. When a design changes, you can easily replace or delete all occurrences of a block with one command. Property text can be referenced in block labels, which in turn can be referenced in annotations such as callouts.

Table from BlocksTo make use of these blocks and, in so doing, make your Solid Edge 2D experience all that it was meant to be, all you need to do is click the Library Tab in your Draft environment.

Library Tab

Then you can click the “Show Blocks” icon.

Show Blocks

Then browse to the sample blocks folder within your Solid Edge ST7 directory on your local drive.

This will unleash a new creative side to your 2D work within Solid Edge, a side most of us didn’t know existed, at least not until now.

Within the Block realm you can create your own blocks, create alternative block views, group blocks together and even nest blocks within one another.

Let this be an encouragement to get involved with the Block functionality within Solid Edge and lets not hurry to put those running shoes on and flee for the nearest exit.

For more information regarding the potential of blocks and procedures to help you progress within the block environment, please visit the Siemens PLM Solid Edge help topics.